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How to Create a Deal? (Instruction)
How to Create a Deal? (Instruction)
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Currently, only online arbitrage deals are sold and purchased on the marketplace. Please, add only OA deals.
Profit, ROI and fees are automatically loaded from the Seller Assistant App extension and are valid for FBA. The data is updated once in 24 hours.
Please fill in the Public Deal Description and Message for Buyers in English.
Thanks for understanding!

  • Link to Amazon - you are required to provide a link to the product on Amazon.
    Please add a non-referral link to Amazon.

  • Supplier Link - you are required to add a link to a specific product from the supplier.
    If the supplier's site was registered a year ago or less than a year ago, the system will consider such a supplier unreliable and will not allow you to the next step.
    Before purchasing the deal, the buyer sees only the supplier's website, and not the full link.

  • COG - you are required to add the cost of the goods from the supplier, excluding delivery cost.
    If the currency on the supplier's website is different from the Amazon currency specified in the deal, please write about it in the Public Deal Description.
    At the same time, indicate the COG in the deal in the Amazon currency.

  • 3PL - Third-party logistics - you are required to add the total cost of logistics.
    3PL is specified for 1 unit or 1 set (if a deal is a set).
    We recommend setting 3PL between $1 and $2 for the best results.
    The minimum allowable 3PL = $1.

  • Deal Price - please, specify the purchase price of your deal.
    The marketplace charges 30% of each sold deal’s price.
    The minimum allowable deal price is $1.

  • Fees - marketplace fees.
    The marketplace charges 30% of each sold deal’s price; it’s calculated automatically.

  • Public Deal Description - This information is displayed before the deal is purchased. What should the buyer know about the deal before buying it?
    For example:

    • supplier’s limit product purchase (min or max allowable number of goods for an order)

    • the need to purchase a subscription on the supplier's website and the cost of the subscription

    • conditions for free shipping

    • estimated time of shipment of goods by the supplier

    • sold by Amazon (if Amazon is in the Buy Box or is a seller)

    • the product in the deal is Hazmat

  • Message for Buyers - here you can specify the information that the buyer will see after they purchase the deal.
    What should the buyer know about the deal after buying it?
    For example:

    • you can specify a discount coupon

    • steps or requirements required to purchase goods from a supplier

    • you can specify the variation of the product that the buyer of the deal must select on the supplier's website

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